Tsumi To Toga

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Alternative: 罪と咎 ; Sin and Blame
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Author(s): Tenkawa Ai
Genre: Drama, Psychological, Romance, Erotica,
Status: Ongoing

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I can only feel aroused around people that don't move.A psychopath who does not know love × A young boy in despair over life. A near-maddening love-hate relationship story...Raised by a single parent, Subaru was forced to work to pay rent while enduring abuse from his mother with a dependent personality disorder, and her lover. One day, Subaru's advanced wages are stolen by his mother's lover. To make matters worse, he overhears a conversation between his mother and her lover, who are both plotting to kill him to obtain his insurance money."I wonder why I'm alive..."He loses his will to live and wishes to die. When trying to act on his thoughts, a man he doesn't recognise, Kousei, approaches him and asks him to be his instead of committing suicide.To Subaru, who had been faced with despair, those words seemed to be like sweet temptation...

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