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Rebirth Of The Urban Immo...

Genre: Action; Adventure; Comedy; Martial arts; Roman...
View: 9,300,000 views
Author: Benming Manhua Dong Ma...

Chapter 230 an hour ago
Chapter 229 Sep 29, 23:00

Assassin's Creed: Forgott...

Genre: Action; Adventure; Fantasy
View: 29,000 views
Author: Ubisoft

Chapter 53 an hour ago
Chapter 52 an hour ago


Genre: Action; Adventure; Fantasy
View: 90,500 views
Author: Thanos Kyratzis

Chapter 35 an hour ago
Chapter 34 Apr 16, 12:00

Sable Curse

Genre: Action; Fantasy
View: 502,700 views

Chapter 45 an hour ago
Chapter 44 an hour ago

Honey Lemon (Canvas)

Genre: Comedy; Josei; Romance; School life; Slice of...
View: 114,200 views
Author: Courtneywirthit

Chapter 39 an hour ago
Chapter 38 Feb 13, 18:00

Even The Demon King, One...

Genre: Action; Adventure; Comedy; Drama; Fantasy; Mys...
View: 3,600,000 views
Author: Yun Hong ; Team 윤홍

Chapter 137 an hour ago
Chapter 136 2 days ago

Blood Rain 2

Genre: Action; Drama; Martial arts; Shounen; Tragedy
View: 585,100 views
Author: Min (민)

Chapter 69 an hour ago
Chapter 68 an hour ago

Rejected Lady Enjoying A...

Genre: Fantasy; Romance
View: 141,900 views
Author: Baggwili Ondo

Chapter 51 an hour ago
Chapter 50 an hour ago

Occhoko Doji Onee-San

Genre: Comedy; Romance; Slice of life
View: 232,500 views
Author: Kurachi Chihiro

Chapter 12 an hour ago
Chapter 11 Mar 22, 12:00

Every Villain Is Lemons

Genre: Action; Smut; Webtoons; Yaoi
View: 987,700 views
Author: Jangryang Pyangpeo

Chapter 14 an hour ago
Chapter 13 an hour ago

Anitomo - My Brother's Fr...

Genre: Comedy; Drama; Romance; School life; Shoujo
View: 6,700,000 views
Author: Akagawara Modomu

Chapter 167 an hour ago
Chapter 166 an hour ago

Please Leave Me Alone (Fo...

Genre: Comedy; Drama; Fantasy; Romance; School life;...
View: 2,100,000 views
Author: Kabegiwa Aizaki Uda Ma...

Chapter 22 an hour ago
Chapter 21 Mar 03, 20:00

Legendary Car-Hailing Sys...

Genre: Action; Fantasy; Harem; Martial arts; Medical;...
View: 921,100 views
Author: 大行道动漫

Chapter 114 an hour ago
Chapter 113 Apr 01, 18:00

My Sect's Senior Disciple...

Genre: Action; Adventure; Comedy; Fantasy; Historical...
View: 927,500 views
Author: Ling Yumo

Chapter 503 an hour ago
Chapter 502 an hour ago

Webtoon Character Na Kang...

Genre: Action; Comedy; Fantasy; School life; Shounen;...
View: 1,100,000 views
Author: Lee Kyung-Min Song Joo...

Chapter 144 an hour ago
Chapter 143 an hour ago

Welcome Home, Papa

Genre: Drama; Psychological; Romance; Seinen; Slice o...
View: 514,900 views
Author: Semimaru

Chapter 18 an hour ago
Chapter 17 Mar 26, 06:00

I Was Stuck On The Same D...

Genre: Action; Adventure; Comedy; Fantasy; Harem; Mar...
View: 31,200,000 views
Author: Iciyuan

Chapter 424 an hour ago
Chapter 423 Apr 20, 00:00


Genre: Adventure; Comedy; Fantasy; Historical; Seinen
View: 1,700,000 views
Author: Crystal Na Yousuke

Chapter 13 an hour ago
Chapter 12 yesterday, 02:00

The Red Sleeve

Genre: Drama; Fantasy; Historical; Manhwa; Romance; S...
View: 509,000 views

Chapter 122 3 hours ago
Chapter 121 Apr 16, 12:00

The Prince’S Personal P...

Genre: Gender bender; Historical; Romance; Shoujo
View: 3,400,000 views
Author: Kerbasi . Vivi . Kisai...

Chapter 73 3 hours ago
Chapter 72 Apr 16, 12:00

Saving My Crown Prince

Genre: Drama; Fantasy; Manhua; Reincarnation; Romance...
View: 1 views

Chapter 30 3 hours ago
Chapter 29 Apr 16, 12:00

A Way To Protect The Lova...

Genre: Drama; Fantasy; Historical; Romance; Webtoons
View: 2,000,000 views
Author: Hound

Chapter 127 3 hours ago
Chapter 126 2 days ago

Lips On The Tip Of a Knif...

Genre: Drama; Fantasy; Manhwa; Romance; Webtoons
View: 6,957,000 views

Chapter 63 3 hours ago
Chapter 62 Apr 11, 12:00

He’s Not Just a Pretty...

Genre: Drama; Fantasy; Manhwa; Romance; Shoujo
View: 1 views

Chapter 70 5 hours ago
Chapter 69 5 hours ago

Genre: Drama; Fantasy; Josei; Manhwa; Romance; Webtoo...
View: 6,073,000 views

Chapter 44 5 hours ago
Chapter 43 5 hours ago

I Upgrade by Rewarding Ap...

Genre: Action; Adventure; Comedy; Fantasy
View: 2,000 views

Chapter 83 5 hours ago
Chapter 82 Apr 20, 12:00

It's Time For "interrogat...

Genre: Comedy; Cooking; Fantasy; Shounen; Slice of li...
View: 1,300,000 views
Author: Haruhara Robinson

Chapter 228 7 hours ago
Chapter 227 Apr 16, 06:00

Secretary Deviance

Genre: Drama; Romance; Slice of Life
View: 494,000 views

Chapter 57 7 hours ago
Chapter 56 Apr 16, 10:00

The Male Lead’s Nephew...

Genre: Drama; Fantasy; Manhwa; Romance; Webtoons
View: 2,754,000 views

Chapter 66 7 hours ago
Chapter 65 Apr 16, 00:00


Genre: Romance
View: 1,000,000 views
Author: Shinshinhye

Chapter 139 7 hours ago
Chapter 138 7 hours ago

Lucky Paradise

Genre: Comedy; Fantasy; Mature; Smut; Sports; Yaoi; M...
View: 9,400,000 views
Author: Kangneuk

Chapter 112.6 7 hours ago
Chapter 112.5 Apr 05, 12:00

Girl's World

Genre: Comedy; School life; Shoujo; Slice of life; We...
View: 4,700,000 views
Author: Morangji

Chapter 386 7 hours ago
Chapter 385 7 hours ago

Surviving As A Maid

Genre: Drama; Fantasy; Historical; Manhwa; Romance; W...
View: 2,908,000 views

Chapter 115 7 hours ago
Chapter 114 7 hours ago

Fake Romance

Genre: Drama; Mature; Smut; Yaoi
View: 389,300 views
Author: 탄금 Tan Geum

Chapter 64 7 hours ago
Chapter 63 Apr 17, 08:00

The Chaser of Dawn

Genre: Comedy; Drama; Fantasy; Harem; Manhwa; Romance...
View: 2,938,000 views

Chapter 76 7 hours ago
Chapter 75 7 hours ago

Crows Like Shiny Things

Genre: Action; Drama; Fantasy; Manhwa; Romance
View: 1,504,000 views
Author: Mr.c

Chapter 107 7 hours ago
Chapter 106 Apr 14, 08:00

Fanboy Summoning Shafted...

Genre: Comedy; Fantasy; Smut; Yaoi
View: 630,700 views
Author: Fujisaki Moe

Chapter 158 7 hours ago
Chapter 157 7 hours ago

Super God Gene

Genre: Action; Drama; Sci fi; Shounen; Manhua
View: 13,800,000 views
Author: Twelve Winged Dark Bur...

Chapter 204 7 hours ago
Chapter 203 Apr 18, 20:00

I’M Gonna Live With You...

Genre: Comedy; Romance; School life; Slice of life
View: 3,900,000 views
Author: Amane Megumi Mitsuki M...

Chapter 22 7 hours ago
Chapter 21 Mar 18, 12:00

Akuninzura Shita B-Kyuu B...

Genre: Action; Drama; Fantasy; Shounen; Slice of life...
View: 45,000 views
Author: Enji

Chapter 8.1 7 hours ago
Chapter 8 2 days ago

I’M Really Not A Superv...

Genre: Action; Adventure; Drama; Fantasy; Martial art...
View: 4,100,000 views
Author: 衣月动漫

Chapter 134 7 hours ago
Chapter 133 Apr 18, 20:00

Castle 2: Pinnacle

Genre: Action; Drama; Martial arts; Psychological; Se...
View: 80,100 views
Author: Jeong Yeon (정연)

Chapter 43 7 hours ago
Chapter 42 Apr 16, 18:00