The Lady Wants to Rest

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Alternative: The Lady Needs a Break / 쉬고 싶은 레이디
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Author(s): Yuin
Genre: Fantasy, One shot, Romance, Shoujo,
Status: Ongoing

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Read manhwa The Lady Wants to Rest / 쉬고 싶은 레이디 / 公女様は休みたい / 淑女想休息 / 千金小姐想休息 / Lady Wants to Rest / La Lady veut se reposer It is my cursed destiny to be reborn endlessly. A king, an archmage, a slave, a saint, a witch… I’ve done it all in my thousand years of life, and frankly, I need a break! My goal now is simple: to live like an absolute sloth. Unfortunately, I am Rubia, the daughter of a grand duke with a demanding family and a fiancé to boot. To live my dream sloth life, I’m running away from it all… except no matter where I go, nobody will leave me be! I just want to nap, but being lazy is hard work!  

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