I Bought The Land, Not A Man

I Bought The Land, Not A Man Manga


Alternative: 제가 산 건 땅이지 남자가 아닌데요 ; What I Bought Is Land, Not a Man
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Author(s): Anhana Ilgwa
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Historical, Romance,
Status: Ongoing

I Bought The Land, Not A Man Content

I was envious of the side character who seemed to easily raise money compared to the distressed female lead. And one day, I was looking at inflating land and thought I could get rich if I bought it. Suddenly, a fortune comes with a suspicious voice! Eliana is a countess' loyal lady-in-waiting and an extra maid. Many have been eyeing the land to make investments as she got wealthy... even a creepy duke started to follow her around! “Let me do what I want, Eliana.” “I don't want to.” With her own ability, will she be able to keep her land and family safe while getting rich? Follow the female lead in this messy, romantic, comedy story, !

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