Cancel This Wish

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Alternative: 이 소원을 취소 ; This Wish Is Cancelled
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Author(s): Lee Bora
Genre: Fantasy, Historical, Romance,
Status: Ongoing

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“A growing romance fantasy in which I find my true self!” After graduating from the academy, Remiel, who is living a solitary life as an outcast (?), is unable to overcome her mother’s persuation and attends the party of the Marquis of Atrahasis. And there, Tyriel, whom she has had a crush on for a long time, and her roommate, Beryl, announce their marriage… . In shock, Remiel said, ‘I wish I was Beryl.’ The moment she thinks to herself, her necklace suddenly shone and she disappeared on the spot! And when he wakes up again, one day, Remiel has become Beryl from the Academy days… !? 이 소원을 취소 , This Wish Is Cancelled

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